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Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is the first animal park in Bali where you can directly see and learn about more than 500 animals. Do various selected programs, starting from Breakfast with Orangutans, Elephant Mud Fun, and Zoo Explorer.

bali safari

The Amazing Bali Safari Park, home to over a thousand amazing animals and your best destination for an adventurous, fun and educational experience beyond just a safari. Balisafari represents more than 120 species, including rare & endangered species such as Komodo Dragons, Orangutans, Bali Starlings, and many more.


Bali Elephant Ride Tour offer you to enjoy riding an elephant and up-close personal contact with these incredible mamals in a beautiful tropical park seting at Bali Elephant Sanctuary Park at Taro village UBUD, it is the most complete elephant experience park in the world, making it truly unique.


Enjoy an exciting adventure amidst the lush tropical beauty of Ubud, Bali. Experience the thrill of an ATV ride that takes you through rugged terrain, beautiful rice fields and hidden trails, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience for adventure lovers.


Enjoy the best Bali white water rafting adventure for 2 hours with exotic natural views, waterfalls and rivers with a beautiful forest canopy. But those hours will pass so quickly because you will lose track of time while having fun on a Bali white water rafting adventure on the Ayung river.


With the dramatic views within easy reach, the Tegallalang rice terraces offer a fantastic Bali photo opportunity. The vista sprawls down and away to the rice terraces on the slopes across the valley. It’s a very popular view, but this ancient valley has a timeless quality whether there are tourists there or not.


Bali Coffee Plantation or known with popular name Bali Agrotourism, is a place to see various Tropical plantations such as coffee robusta, pineapple, Balinese snake fruite(salak), plain Balinese potatoes, fruit stars, cacao, jack fruit, durian tree and many more, experience to see how to make Balinese coffee in very traditional ways, and taste the fresh of Balinese coffee or ginger tea with green view river valley and also they sell variety of theirs original Balinese coffee products, herb oil and etc and see the civet cat the most expensive coffee maker, wellknown as Luwak, its produce “Coffee Luwak“, and this coffee luwak become the famous coffee with complete taste.


Bali Swing adalah cara baru untuk mendapatkan manfaat dari hammock tradisional. Itu terbuat dari kapas berkualitas tinggi dan memiliki rangka baja dan dirancang untuk digantung di dua pohon, tiang, atau struktur kokoh lainnya.

Ayunan dapat digunakan untuk relaksasi, untuk membaca, atau sebagai tempat untuk tidur siang. Ayunan memberi Anda perasaan melayang di udara  dengan pikiran Anda yang tenang dan suara ayunan yang menenangkan. Ayunan terbuat dari sepotong kayu, dengan pintu panci di kedua sisinya. Kursi dapat disesuaikan sehingga Anda dapat menggunakannya agar sesuai dengan ukuran Anda.

cretya alas harum

Walking down the path, will lead you to a glass flooring made from 6cm thickness of glass allowing you to see through landscape of nature, a dancing bridge designed to move and sway in a rhythmic movements, a gorilla face cave, Pekak Brayut curved with a majestic statue of Soekarno (Indonesia’s founding president). Made from bamboo woven crafted by a talented local artist together with Alas Topeng cave as we received MURI’s award in 2022. 

Monkey forest

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. It is also known as the Ubud Monkey Forest. The Sanctuary is home to over 1260 long-tailed macaques, who are considered sacred by the local Balinese people.

Tibumana waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall is one of the hidden tourist attractions in Bali. Its existence in rural Bangli is still thick with the feel of lush green trees. Its location makes this tourist spot very comfortable for relieving fatigue while on holiday. Previously, this waterfall could be used as a place to swim or bathe, but now it is prohibited. This regulation originates from the belief of local residents that the swimming area under the waterfall is often used as an anti-slip beach. To respect this sacred area, tourists are prohibited from bathing.


Celuk Village is famous for the incredible gold and silver handicrafts which are available around this area for very low prices

The village is always crowded by tourists who want to see the uniqueness of silver made here with a design that is thick with the characteristics of Balinese carvings, and there are also modern carvings that will make women amazed by this jewelry.


Gajah Cave is an artificial cave from ancient times that functions as a place of worship This large cave, which is also a Buddhist temple, is filled with carvings of stories and holy figures. The temple has a large bathing pool, which was built to cleanse the soul and ward off evil spirits, so legend goes.

tegenungan waterfall

Being in this waterfall area is very cool because it is surrounded by shady trees. Starting from bushes, branching trees, and don’t forget coconut trees also enliven the atmosphere. The combination of green with a clear waterfall makes for a perfect view.


Tirta Empul is a prayer temple for Hindus where there are several holy springs which are believed to be water that can purify oneself. Until now, the Tirta Empul Baths tourist attraction is still used by Balinese Hindus as a place to purify themselves.


The palace has beautifully crafted buildings with high aesthetic value. The walls and doorways have a distinctive design carved in stone, and of course, there is also a temple inside the palace. You can wander around, explore the buildings and items, and pay heed to the details of every object of the Balinese traditional cultures there – or take some shots for your Instagram as well! The palace is also equipped with an auditorium and a banyan tree as a shelter during the daytime.

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